News from Kamuli and Kabukye villages

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While it has been a while since our last post »Save the Marginalized« has not been idle. In this post we are showing you some of the awesome projects we are working on and introduce sponsored children of the villages of Kamuli and Kabukye in Eastern Uganda.
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Girl child needs support

girl child needs support

The girl move to bore hole so let therefore we are asking for any volunteer to offer us aboor at 120000 dollars to save same girls and achieve a better education.

Save The Marginalized, Uganda

Alessia Crevena, went to Uganda, Africa, to make a difference!
With the help of some people, and Save The Marginalized organization she managed to help a village named Kabukye (Kamuli).
Giving them Drinking water, Mattresses, School supplies, Clothes, and better yet, HOPE for a brighter future!
If she could do it, So can you ! Be part of the CHANGE!
With only $1,50 a day, you can help a child’s future..

Community development internship

To all students from across the globe: Greetings from Save the Marginalized (StM) based in Kamuli, Eastern Uganda, East Africa. StM is a Civil Society Organization implementing a wide range of charity activities in Eastern Uganda. We are implementing a wide range of projects/programmes in rural villages of Eastern Uganda: Health & Care Access to… Continue reading Community development internship

Child project

This is a volunteer opportunity for all individuals, families and organisations that are interested in working with children in a remote village in Eastern Uganda. This volunteer opening allows you to introduce new skill to children and community and allows you to plan with the volunteer coodinater on how to implement it. This position is… Continue reading Child project

Open Volunteering Opportunity

STM Uganda would wish to offer an open oportunity to all students and also well wishers who would love to volunteer with us starting in february in the project of outreach to community. The project aims at improving behaviour change among the youth and women with along team vision of having pasotive change. This project… Continue reading Open Volunteering Opportunity