Update on our Activities in Kamuli District in 2018

With the opening of Napole medical clinic, Save the Marginalized Uganda is working to improve the lifes of mothers and children through health services. At the start we are offering malaria tests, antenatal services, dental services, counseling, HIV testing, and reproductive health services. Save the Marginalized is also offering and working with the community to… Continue reading Update on our Activities in Kamuli District in 2018

Volunteers play an important role

Save the marginalized Uganda is non government organization with community based approach in delivering services. In east Africa Uganda busoga regional. HIV/AIDS PROGRAM • Home Care and Support for People living with HIV/AIDS. • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment. • Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS opportunistic infections in communities. • Nutrition for people living with HIV/AIDS… Continue reading Volunteers play an important role

Save the marganilized Uganda has louched a Summer internship and volunteer ship in the following fields. Health,community work and students support program which is focused to enhance hands on training. Stm we also offer inter cultures ecmxchange programs to all interested parties. We are offering free oriatation programs. Stm Uganda works clossly with the local… Continue reading

New Volunteer and Internship Opportunities with Save The Marginalized (STM) Uganda

Position title: Volunteer and Interns STM Uganda is now looking for interns and volunteers who are inspired by the ideas and work of the STM to gain professional skills working on STM’s projects and a substantive learning experience on our core ideas. Projects are designed to enhance each intern’s specific academic background and interests. Interns… Continue reading New Volunteer and Internship Opportunities with Save The Marginalized (STM) Uganda

News from Kamuli and Kabukye villages

Hey there!

While it has been a while since our last post »Save the Marginalized« has not been idle. In this post we are showing you some of the awesome projects we are working on and introduce sponsored children of the villages of Kamuli and Kabukye in Eastern Uganda.
… Continue reading

Girl child needs support

girl child needs support

The girl move to bore hole so let therefore we are asking for any volunteer to offer us aboor at 120000 dollars to save same girls and achieve a better education.

Save The Marginalized, Uganda

Alessia Crevena, went to Uganda, Africa, to make a difference!
With the help of some people, and Save The Marginalized organization she managed to help a village named Kabukye (Kamuli).
Giving them Drinking water, Mattresses, School supplies, Clothes, and better yet, HOPE for a brighter future!
If she could do it, So can you ! Be part of the CHANGE!
With only $1,50 a day, you can help a child’s future..